Learning How to Live Drug Free-Part 1 (Episode 7)

In part one of this two-part series, I’m joined by Grant Denton. Grant shares his powerful story of being homeless and addicted to heroin and other drugs. He reveals how childhood trauma, abuse, homelessness, street life trauma, and lack of trust in his caregivers led him into addiction and the wrong peer group. We discuss how he got sober through jail and drug court programs, and the one quote about love that changed his life-he has been sober ever since. Learn about the uncertainty of early sobriety, working through difficult emotions, developing self-awareness, and processing things as they come up instead of using. Understand how our brains can heal from addiction, that is does not have to define who we are, and we can reinvent ourselves. Today Grant is sober and working with other addicts. He believes everything he went through led him to where he is today. Don’t miss this amazing episode and please share this show with anyone you know who struggles with addiction.