The Life Change Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been providing recovery services for heroin and prescription medication abuse concerns since 1998. We offer a variety of services to help people make the changes necessary to beat their drug addiction.

Our recovery program is based on two primary themes:

Empowerment & Improving Quality of Life

We have a talented group of staff members with expertise in recovery from opioid addictions.

The success rate of The Life Change Center is currently at 70%.

Yes, 70% overall and 87% of the individuals seeking help have been able to stop using opioids within the first 60 days.

The recovery program of The Life Change Center takes medication assisted treatment one step further— including specialized counseling in addition to medication and case management.

Average sobriety rate among TLCC patients in 2023 was 70.25% (compared to the national average of 40%)

The average sobriety rate among TLCC patients in 2023 was 70.25% compared to the national average of 40%.

Success Rates

Fentanyl, heroin, and prescription pain killer abuse has increased to epidemic rates, and alarmingly high rates among young people. The problem is growing and the social costs are skyrocketing.

In response to this epidemic, researchers have shown that the rates of recovery without any treatment at all are around 20%. Yet, medication assisted treatment models exceed 55% drug free. Medication assisted treatment models have been the best practice for treating opioid addictions since the models were first introduced in 1968.

Team Members

At The Life Change Center, we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff. Our team members are experts in heroin, fentanyl, and prescription medication addictions. The expertise is a result of their years of working with the people we serve and years of looking for the most effective paths to recovery.

While our team consists of many disciplines, they work together to ensure that people in our community have access to the life-saving services we offer. They have on the front lines of the opioid epidemic through the COVID times and will be there every day in the future.

Executive Leadership Team

John Firestone
Executive Director, Counselor

Eric Hare
Operations Director

Marilyn Stephan
Nurse/Nursing Supervisor

Ryan Zeller
Medical Director & Licensed Physician

Sarah McGill
Clinical Director

Jake Sanford
Finance Director