Learning how to Live Drug Free (Episode 8) 

In part two Grant Denton continues sharing his powerful story about sobriety and what worked for him through mentors, classes, EMDR, and dealing with things as they come up. We explore anger and powerlessness and how interconnected they are; recognizing childhood triggers and the impact they have today; the importance of letting go of blame and understanding our own role in our lives, and realizing that we do have power. Learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and developing a relationship with being uncomfortable. We talk about the process of accepting our struggles and how they can groom us for wonderful opportunities to help others; how the gift of sobriety can give us a childlike perspective to recognize the beauty in the everyday things around us, and that it’s never too late to re-invent yourself. Grant also shares what his life is like today and the outreach work he is doing through Karma Box, Safe Camp, Workforce Development to help the homeless and more.