From Teen Addiction to Counselor and Therapist with Betsy Byler (Episode 44-Part 1)

When Betsy Byler was a teenager, her mom sent her to nine therapists before they found one who could help her. Coincidentally, this therapist was also named Betsy! Find out what this therapist did that not only got Betsy’s attention, but paved the way for her to become a therapist herself with a special knack for helping other teens overcome addictions.

Betsy is an extremely knowledgeable trauma therapist and addiction counselor who also specializes in training other mental health clinicians in addiction counseling. She is also an addict in recovery.

Listen in as Betsy dives into her personal story about when she recognized her own addictive behavior as a child, how it manifested when she was older, and how she got sober and became an addiction counselor/therapist. 

In part two we offer help for parents dealing with addicted children, and describe what happens during assessment and treatment for substance use.