Emotions and Mental Health -The Importance of Knowing what you are Feeling (Episode 26)

In this episode I’m joined by Jake Wiskerchen. Jake is a marriage and family therapist, podcaster, and owner of the Zephyr Wellness mental health practice in Reno, Nevada. In part one of this series on emotions we talk about the difference between thinking and feeling; the ten core emotions; the importance of knowing and labeling emotions, and responding accurately to living congruently with others and ourselves. We also explore the importance of not staying stuck in unhealthy emotions and how practicing this can actually alter our brain chemistry. You will learn what it means to bail out of emotions or cover over emotions, and how this contributes to addictions and other emotional problems. Plus you’ll find out how covering emotions can cause us to avoid reality, and why when we don’t deal with our emotions honestly they can boil beneath the surface for a long period of time.