Doctor & Sobriety Advocate Shares Hitting Bottom after DEA Bust-Part 2 (Episode 6)

Don’t miss this powerful episode with Dr. Chuck Smith who is a Doctor, Addictionologist, and author of the book “Understanding Addiction-Know Science, No Stigma.” Dr. Smith shares his story of being addicted to alcohol and pills. At one point he was writing himself fraudulent prescriptions for 3,000 pills per month while practicing family medicine.  His bottom came when he was busted by the DEA at his practice and had his license revoked. He went into treatment and today his license is reinstated, he has been sober for over 12 years; and he is a practicing Addictionologist, author, and recovery advocate. In part two we explain risk factors, vulnerable dopamine reward system, phenomenon of craving, legalization, ease of access, fentanyl, various treatment options, medication-assisted treatment and more. Please share this show with anyone you know who is struggling with addiction.